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A Quick Look At Adobe InDesign And What You Can Make

In my previous post, I shared a simple tutorial on how to make a greeting card using Adobe InDesign. In this post, I’ll talk more about Adobe InDesign software and how you can create printed or digital high-quality documents such as:

  • Stationery
  • Printed books and brochures
  • Posters
  • Annual Reports
  • Interactive publications
  • Greeting cards, of course, and more!


Adobe InDesign was created by Adobe Systems. If you’ve opened PDF’s, (Portable Document Format) you’ve most likely had to download their free software called Acrobat Reader to view them. Or maybe you’ve had to download Flash Player to properly view a website.

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software to create many projects such as:

  • Professional business cards for your Etsy shop
  • Eye-catching menus for your bakery
  • Printed magazines of your comic drawings
  • Impressive resumes when applying for your dream job
  • Calligraphy worksheets for your blog’s subscribers to download
  • Interactive children’s ePUB books
  • Flyers to hand out for your club’s fundraiser
  • Design an elegant invitation suite for your wedding

I can go on and on, but if there’s a project you have in mind, InDesign can help!


I wish. I downloaded the Adobe InDesign trial and purchased the app after it ended. I believe the trial lasts 7 days. Why 7 days instead of 30, I have no idea. If you do decide to download the trial, take advantage of their tutorials for beginners within those 7 days so you can get a taste of InDesign and see if it will work with your projects.

I learned how to create this simple postcard during the trial. On the right you can see more tutorials to help you get introduced to InDesign.


In this post I specifically talk about InDesign. In a future post I’ll go over the pricing plans available for all of their apps. The Adobe InDesign cost depends on the plan you select. I purchased the single app for a prepaid annual plan of $239.88. You can also pay the annual plan in monthly payments of $19.99. If you don’t need the app long term, you can pay $29.99 monthly.

You can buy Adobe InDesign here as well as view pricing and plans for other apps.


Adobe only has only several tutorials for beginners and for more experienced users. Skillshare currently has tons of online training “classes” you can sign up for to learn Adobe InDesign.

Just several of the classes you can take to learn InDesign on Skillshare.

You can also purchase Adobe InDesign CC Classroom In A Book. This comprehensive book is the 2017 release of 16 projects, all step-by-step with pictures and tips for working with InDesign. I purchased this book and am excited to learn how to use InDesign. I’ve got a lot of ideas I’d like to use InDesign for!

What can you see yourself creating with InDesign? Any tutorials for beginners you would like to see?



13 thoughts on “A Quick Look At Adobe InDesign And What You Can Make

  1. This is so cool and really helpful because self- made things are just adorable but something that is definitely not a strong point for me! Thanks so much for sharing this, its my partners birthday in one week and I was thinking to create him a comic strip so eager to give this a try (probably just the free trial for now lol) thank you ­čÖé

    1. There’s definitely a learning curve to it! I realize people may rather buy stuff already made. I plan to sell templates or printables of invitations and stuff one day.

  2. I find that using Adobe products are user friendly, and for that reason they are the first place to go. It looks like this Adobe Design is very specific. Could it be used to create posts for Instagram or FaceBook? Is it able to incorporate photos or animation? Can I use this on a MAC? Do they have an affiliate program?

    1. Hi Judith! Files created in this program can be exported to JPEG for posting to Instagram and Facebook. You can also use Photoshop and Illustrator. All of these programs can be used on a Mac. Do you use “Canva”? If these programs are too complex to learn, Canva is an easy app to make photos for your blog and social media. I haven’t personally used it myself yet, but it looks like something I’d try.

      Photos and videos can be incorporated into the documents you create in InDesign. I think it would be cool to publish an interactive book of tutorials with videos implemented in them!

      Yup, they have an affiliate program! I hope to partner with them one day!

  3. Hello Mary – I always wondered why was I unable to edit anything in the PDF file and now I understood that it was because of the abode reader. Adobe in design looks perfect for creating innovative ideas, I will try the trail version first to get a knowledge on the experience and performance. Just a small question, whether it is an app or software because I got confused in the reading where once it was mentioned as software and then app. Correct me if I’m wrong app is mobile version and software is desktop installable right? Thanks Mana

    1. Hi Mana, Adobe Acrobat Standard DC or Acrobat Pro DC might be something you’d be interested in if you want to edit PDF’s. They have a free trial and their plans are affordable if it’s something you’d use a lot.

      I’ve been using software/app/program interchangeably and it made me wonder what the difference is so I had to Google lol. Seems some people say there is a difference and other use the terms interchangeably as well. I learned that Apple made “app” popular. Adobe calls their products “desktop apps” and “mobile apps”, but their desktop apps when downloaded work the same as when you download and open Adobe Reader.

  4. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for this wonderful post A Quick Look At Adobe InDesign And What You Can Make.
    As I was reading the thoughts were popping into my head left and right with what I can do with InDesign.

    Naturally, it is an Adobe product there has to be a price tag attached and $239.88 is pretty steep for my tastes.

    Mary, I was wondering might there be an open source alternative to save some money?

    Thanks again for the great read, I love InDesign’s functionality!

    1. Hi CannaGary, thank you for your comment! Have you heard Canva? They have a “Free Forever” plan and I think it’s much simpler to use than InDesign due to it’s drag-and-drop features to design your documents. If you want to make simple stuff like brochures, newsletters, invoices, stationery, images for your social media, info-graphics for your website, etc., Canva is a popular choice.

  5. It seems like Adobe InDesign would be super useful for anyone who has to make graphics on a regular basis (like me). I’m constantly having to make nice pictures, charts, and cards for my blog since you can’t always find exactly what you need online.

    It does seem like a bummer that the trail period is so short, but I guess it’s better than none at all, right?

    Would you say that it’s a pretty user friendly software for people who are new to it? I don’t have a lot of experience with creating things with Adobe’s products, but I’ve used other software in the past like Paint, GIMP, and even Canva. I’m wondering if my experience with those pther programs will help with Adobe InDesign.

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for your comment! If you know how to use the programs you listed, I’m sure you’ll have an easy time navigating InDesign. The menu/toolbar even looks similar to Microsoft Word.

      I’ve tried Gimp in the past, but I was so used to Adobe Illustrator that I ditched it. Maybe I should try it again since it’s free and can save me money. Canva looks interesting and seems like an easy, free alternative to InDesign as well.

  6. I was surfing the web to see if Adobe came out with anything new and came across your website. I just finished reading your article A Quick Look At Adobe InDesign And What You Can Make. I have most of Adobe’s products such as PhotoShop and Dreamweaver. I don’t have Adobe InDesign so I decided to go ahead and buy it after reading your article. Thanks for a great read and insight on Adobe InDesign.


    1. Hi Jack, thank you for your comment and reading my post. I’m sure you’ll find InDesign very useful. I had been using Illustrator to layout business cards and invitations and when I looked at InDesign, I realized it would suit mu needs better. I hope to learn Adobe Premiere Pro next!

  7. Hi, Mary, I am actually a big-time Adobe user as well, although instead of Adobe InDesign I use Animate CC to make cartoons and a lot of digital art as well. They are quite a creative platform, and I can definitely see the value of InDesign, especially when it comes to making professional resumes. Of all Adobe products, which is your favorite?

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