Red River Paper’s Pre-Scored Inkjet Printable Cards Sample Kit Review

Looking for great quality greeting card paper? Red River Paper has it! Red River Paper has over 50 years of experience and supplies over 30 different types of quality inkjet papers at their plant in Texas. Finding the right specialty inkjet paper on their website is easy. Simply shop by:

  • Printer (Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark)
  • Photo Subject (portraits, black and white, HDR, landscapes, etc.)
  • Paper size (ranging from 4×6 to wide format, 44″ rolls and pre-scored greeting cards)
  • Project/Industry (proof sheets, portfolios, books, calendars, etc.)

You can sample their inkjet printer papers by purchasing their affordable Inkjet Photo Paper Sample Kits which has free ground shipping (to USA/no PO Boxes):

  • Inkjet Photo & Fine Art Sample (16 of their most popular photo and fine art inkjet papers)
  • Greeting Card Sample Kit (pre-scored inkjet greeting card papers, envelopes plus setup instructions)
  • Scrapbookers Sample Kit (2 sheets each of 9 different premium digital scrapbook papers)
  • Wide Format Sample Kit (2 sheets of 13×19 photo-weight inkjet papers)

At an additional cost, you can choose from their Add-On Samples where you can try inkjet photo paper and fine art sample papers:

  • Specialty Media sampler (2 sheets of super-weight, canvas and double-sided papers)
  • Lightweight Inkjet Media Sampler (2 sheets of light and middle-weight photo inkjet papers)

I chose to start with samples of their inkjet greeting card paper to try out on my (discontinued) Epson Stylus Photo R1900 I purchased refurbished on Epson’s website years ago. It took 4 days from ordering to receiving which is not bad considering I live on Oahu.

Here are pictures of the packaging and its contents:

Not sure what happened here, but it held on.


Opening the first flap of the shipping box.


Opening the second flap of the shipping box reveals a copy of my order folded on top of a shrink wrapped box.


The box of samples is shrink wrapped and properly labeled.


Removing the lid of the box.


Some reading material: A little info about Red River Paper and what they have to offer, a letter from the President of the company, printer setting guides. The sample kit also comes with 5 sheets of blank paper to practice printing on before using the actual samples.


Each type of paper comes with 2 sheets and is pre-scored. The last paper that’s not stamped is called RR Luster Duo.


In the next set of pictures, I found a photo of fall leaves from Pexels and printed it on each greeting card paper next to natural sunlight. They have not been edited except resized and I did not use Gloss Optimizer on the glossy greeting cards. Red River Paper has ICC profiles you can download and install for your printer and each paper.


60lb Pecos River Gloss

Similar to 96lb Pecos Gloss Magna except much thinner and flimsier. Glossy on one side, matte on the other.


47lb Premium Matte

The thinnest and flimsiest of the bunch, matte on both sides.


60lb Premium Matte Plus

Thin and flimsy, texture feels similar to 60lb Polar Matte C1S


50lb Premium Matte C2S

Similar to 60lb Polar Matte C1S and 60lb Premium Matte Plus in smoothness, but thinner.


60lb Paper Canvas

Thin and flimsy, canvas texture on one side.


60lb River Linen 2.0

Thin and flimsy with a linen texture.


96lb Pecos Gloss Magna

The sturdiest card of the sample kit. Glossy on one side, matte on the other.


60lb Polar Matte C1S

Thin and flimsy, smooth, coated on one side, matte on the other.


60lb Polar Matte Double-Sided

Thin and flimsy, smooth.


64lb Aurora Art Natural

This paper has a slight warmth in color if the 64lb Aurora White is too white for you.


64lb Aurora White Double-Sided

Slightly thicker than 47lb Premium Matte. Artwork can be printed on both sides.


RR Luster Duo

Flimsy, texture feels nice and reminds me of school photos. It has the same finish on both sides.


Overall, I like the quality of the papers. The images printed very nicely compared to printing on random card stock. I had no trouble installing the ICC profiles Red River Paper provides and their instructions were helpful.

In my next post, I’ll talk about what program I used to create the greeting cards and share a tutorial.

Do you use Red River Paper for your projects? What are your favorite products?


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