There are tons of products, print services and apps to choose from when creating your own paper goods making you confused about which products or service is best for your projects. Have you ever been excited to start a project only to be stumped with questions?

  • What type of paper should I use for a greeting card if I use my own printer at home?
  • What product could I buy if I wanted to fold my own handmade greeting cards to sell on my website?
  • Which companies have the best quality products and customer service to upload my greeting card design for a more professional look?
  • What apps can I use to print free, quality invitations and which is best?
  • What is the quality of [print company]’s paper like? 

This is where I come in. I have tried a bunch of products, services, software and apps. There are tons of cool tools to help us unleash our creativity. I created this blog to help guide you with your projects so could be proud of what you created and say “look what I made!”

Do you have a product you want me to review before handing over your hard-earned money? Is there a service you want me to review before you invest your precious time and energy into it? Let me know and I would be happy to do a review in the future!

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